Article Number: 12676
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 220 Pages, 2018
Helena Musilová

Jirí Valoch. Curator, theoretician, collector.

curator, theoretician, collector : years 1965-1980
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The monograph is based on studies of archive sources, interviews with artists, who cooperated with Valoch, as well as with himself, and on the research of current expert literature dealing with topics related to Central and Eastern Europe, and it represents the first summary of extensive activities of Jiří Valoch in the years 1965-1980.

The publication maps individual significant events and also the process leading to the creation of Valoch’s extensive collection, and at the same time, describes a functional mechanism of societal structures, which dictated and determined artistic life and artistic scene this period. The monograph uses current methodologies: the theme of archive – perceiving the world via personal archive is widely discussed in contemporary literature; furthermore, it includes the topic of geocultural map of central Europe and analysis of local cultural centres (using the example of the city of Brno), and finally, the topic of networks, or relationships, which determined the artistic operation.