Article Number: 2776
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 24 Pages, 2004, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Jens Hoffmann, Claire Fitzsimmons

John Bock - Klütterkammer


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This publication is a record of Klütterkammer - An exhibition by John Bock at the Institute of contemporary Arts, London.

For Klütterkammer, John Bock has conceived an exceptional exhibition that transformes the ICA gallery spaces into cabinets of curiosities, which represents a condensation of the artist’s own diverse and highly absurd universe. The title of the exhibition refers to a type of storage and working space found on farms in northern Germany similar to those on which the artist grew up. In a similar fashion, Bock treates the ICA spaces as an enormous storage and play space where he creates a complex labyrinth of passages, suspended rooms complete with ladders, ramps and crawl spaces.

Klutterkammer features: Vito Acconci, Bas Jan Ader, Marc Aschenbrenner, Matthew Barney, Georg Baselitz, Joseph Beuys, Blackmail, Anna and Berhard Blume, Boyd, Gunther Brus, Maurizio Cattelan, PunchDrunk, Buckminster Fuller, Gelatin, Bendix Harms, Georg Herold, Douglas Hickox, Mike Kelley, John Maynard Keynes, Martin Kippenberger, Eley Kishimoto, Kurt Kren, Elke Krystufek, Sarah Lucas, George Mallory, Paul McCarthy, John McCracken, Otto Muehl, Jessica Ogden, Manfred Pernice, Ascan Pinckernelle, Sigmar Polke, Chris Pounds, Rasputin, Dr. Jane Rendell, Pipilotti Rist, Raymond Roussel, Christoph Schlingensief, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Robert Falcon Scott, Cindy Sherman, Andreas Slominski, Robert Smith, Paul Thek, Franz Erhard Walther, Robert Cary-Williams, Daniel Zizzo and Heimo Zobernig.

Language: English