Article Number: 8784
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 44 Pages, 2016, Der Konterfei
Robert Jelinek

John Carpenter

Dim The Dark
€ 32.00

„The most fundamentally horrifying moment of “horror” has consistently been when the main characters lose their individuality and dignity, and when the grand depiction of their utter failure and disappointment occurs

John Carpenter is no dying companion, no hospice nurse, but rather a master of keys whose keys unlock the perils of pure living. Every day, somewhere, people drown; people who love other people, whether out of necessity or conviction; people who risk everything. Our values and our culture are disintegrating, going down the drain, yet we are so preoccupied with our own psychoses and excuses that we are no longer capable of holding our neighbors close. We can’t risk anything for fear of getting hurt. And precisely because of this, we lose everything, including ourselves. Carpenter dares to counter this in his films... because it’s worth it“. Robert Jelinek

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