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English, Glue Binding, 64 Pages, 2017, possible books

Kilroy's Conformity

€ 15.00

Antny Kreeg 47 and his lady-friend Contruh Guerre (pronounced “Country Girl”) had a rent-controlled apartment on the 112th floor (where the players dwell) of the Empire World Trade Twin Towers and they were never heard of again after 9/11. The ideas in this book were buried under

the rubble of the buildings and when found they were lifeless, waterboarded and outlawed in America and much of the world. The couple had an illegitimate baby named Phuck Conphormitee and he published this book in his father’s name.
The major question that arises from this book is “are you a conformist and you don’t even realize it?” another one is “has Tricknology got you so twisted that you don’t even know who you are anymore?” One more question could be “just because everybody else jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, is you gonna do it too?” (answers on back)