Article Number: 2796
Soft Cover, Czech, Staple Binding, 152 Pages, 2010
Olga Benešová, Radek Sidun, Pavel Turek

Komfort Mag 04

Na památku / To remember
€ 11.50

Each one of us has Giga-grams of things, souvenirs and gifts at home. Gigabytes of photos and videos. Non-sensical things, but apparently they're kept as a memory of something. But these things only tend to catch dust, and the stronger individuals among us tend to get rid of them at the earliest opportunity. Most of the remembrance material usually only evokes a strange sense of inappropriateness, least of all a recollection of what-the-hell-the-name-of-that-place-was. (Foreword)

"Komfort Mag is a non-commercial project. Completely DIY and Do It Together. This we see as a significant factor - it means we are not subordinate to any erratic publisher or advertiser. The purpose of Komfort Mag is to reverse the traditional idea of a magazine, as something which relies mainly on text. That’s why Komfort is 70% pictures, illustrations or photography. Words are not enough to describe it."

(the editors)