Article Number: 1544
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 28 Pages, 1996, Schlebrügge.Editor
Clémentine Deliss, Les Compagnons du 1er Jour de la Renaissance

Laboratoire Agit-Art, Dakar. Ecran-Mémoire I. Lyrical Criticism - Interaction

Fama & Fortune Bulletin, Heft 17

A limited edition magazine each issue of which is effectively a "performance" by a chosen artist who determines every detail of the text and graphics. Published since 1990. A collector's item.

"The Laboratoire Agit-Art is a series of high-stacked mountains of rubble." (Clémentine Deliss)

Clémentine Marie Deliss (*1960 in London) is a curator, researcher and publisher. She had a B.A. in Social Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Philosophy and on eroticism and exoticism in French anthropology of the 1920s. Her theoretical interests include research into bridging mechanisms between artists working in different parts of the world, the related post-colonial issues, the status of the verbal in today’s art practice, and curatorial projects that go beyond the exhibition. She has acted as a consultant for the European Union in Dakarand various cultural organizations, and conducted specific research projects through the support of art academies in Vienna, Edinburgh, Galsgow, Bordeaux, Bergen, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm and London. Now she is an independent curator and publisher of Metronome (artists and writers organ) and Metronome Press, in Paris, the director of Future Academy and the director of the Artist in Residency program Randolph Cliff. From 2007, she is the director of Randolph Cliff, an Artist in Residency program, supported by Edinburgh College of Art and the National Galleries of Scotland.