Article Number: 7519
CD, French, 1 Pages, 2013

Le Bruit De La Conversation


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On the occasion of 100 years of the manifesto The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, Franck Ancel initiated with Baptiste Houssin The noise of conversation

A collection of object-drives, for both lovers of art publishing, which is loosely based on the concept of Pecha Kucha, between a text face and the other sound, the sound is image.

Second installment of the series "The Conversation Of The Noise", a vinyl record Σ edited to 333 copies.

This accomplishment resonates in tribute to Roger Lafosse and Σ festival for which he had imagined the "Corticalart" with Pierre Henry, a capture brainwave, in 1965, the center of an artistic program uncommon for thirty years , the "Sphere-frame" of François Morellet was presented at an event in Bordeaux Σ.

This disc rotates, on both sides, each 6 minutes and 40 seconds, with a new version of the sound piece "Levitate" by Pierre Henry, and on the other side Fabre , Michel Ragon, Renaud Cojo , François Barré, DOE, Christian Vander, La Fura dels Baus , Elisabeth Chojnacka, Jean-Claude Sparrow, Jean Dupuy, Ben, Jean-Didier Vincent , David Hykes , Jean-Claude Eloy , Yves Frémion, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Régine Chopinot , Armando Bergallo , Angelin Preljocaj , gathered in a sound collage.

Language: French