Article Number: 12455
Hard Cover, English / Italian, Thread Stitching, 152 Pages, 2020
Salvadori A. und Viliani A

Liam Gillick. In Piedi in Cima a un Edificio. Film 2008-2019

Standing On Top of a Building. Films 2008-2019
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Standing on top of a building: film 2008-2019 is liam gillick's first publication dedicated to his video-film production. eight works, created from 2008 to today, together with a selection of the artist's sculptural production, on display at the mother museum in Naples curated by alberto salvadori and andrea viliani: the most 'intimate' elements of his artistic research - film for the most conceived in his home-studio in New York where inspiration takes concrete form - original scripts with notes and images, as well as site specific installation views. Since the early 1990s, Gillick has been creating installations, sculptures, films, digital animations and sound works, stitched together from an intense critical and theoretical production, between the political-social dimension and the personal sphere. questions the parameters of the fruition of art and the interdependence between the economy, art and institutions, inviting the viewer to participate in the generation of meaning. to highlight how the critical potential and utopian ambitions of avant-garde movements risk being absorbed and neutralized by the structures of contemporary entertainment, communication, urban furniture and corporate culture.