Article Number: 8396
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 2016, Franz Thalmair
Franz Thalmair

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

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Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet is the third in series of exhibitions and publications based on the wide-reaching research project Possibe Content for 18 Pages. In the context of literary, artistic and curatorial-editorial fields of action, this artists book contains the last eight of total eighteen research chapters, reflecting upon the act of writing at the interface of linguistic, visual, physical, and spatial communication.

The departure point for the artists book is a blind text employed in the field of publishing to design structure of a written and/or visual document without being distracted by the content of the the text to be published. The layout and type area , typography, the readabillity, of individual text elements, the embedding of visual materials, their position on the book or web page as well as the correlations and dependencies, between the elements - in short, the form of the publication - are defined with the use of palceholders like the text "Lorem Ipsum".

Language: English