Article Number: 6721
Book with medium, English, Staple Binding, 40 Pages, 2014, ISBN 978-94-9126-209-8
Lee Ranaldo

Lost Highways

The catalog shows the "Lost Highway" drawings – sketches done from the front seat of Lee Ranaldos tour van.

"One of the many things that has always preoccupied me with drawing is capturing landscape. As one who travels a great deal, I value the quick sketch made of an interesting vista. The Lost Highway series of drawings continue to develop an interest of mine which began in the late 70s, namely how to capture the landscape as it rolls by the window of a moving car – that elemental vehicle of the Twentieth Century. In 1976, while still an art student, I did some highway/landscape sketches out the front window of a van as a friend and I rolled down the East Coast from New York to Key West, Florida and back. At the time I was learning about the process of intaglio etching. I turned one of the studies into a 3-plate color etching while studying multi-plate, multi-color tequniques, Route 95—Georgia. Little did I know Iʼd still be doing similar work – drawing rolling highways – more than 30 years later." Lee Ranaldo

The catalog which includes a CD with exclusive material.

Language: English