Article Number: 11754
Hard Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 352 Pages, 2018, Time's Up, ISBN 978-3-95763-391-0

Lückenhaft & kryptisch / Ambiguous & incomplete

€ 29.90

Taking stock after the first 20 years The publication Ambiguous and Incomplete is a forward-facing stocktake and offers a good overview of the previous works of the Linz based arts group, which have been shown in venues ranging from ruins to museums all over the world.

Not a detailed overview of the work, rather an attempt at an insight into their thinking, their network, the successes and failures in establishing stimulating worlds of experience that amaze. External voices from companions, bystanders, critics and partners try to clarify the background of these efforts. These are combined with documentary and incidental images providing information about work processes, everyday life and the artworks themselves. The unpretentious, creative style of this book forms a bracket, breathes life into the content, and subtly hints at the artistic scope of Time's Up's installations.

With their origins in interactive media art, the Austro-Australian arts group Time's Up is slowly emerging from their youthful folly and is currently developing physical narratives that explore speculative futures.

Sprache: Deutsch / Englisch