Article Number: 8342
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 65 Pages, 2012
Krisztina Erdei, Rita Kálmán, Gergely László

Lumen Station Issue #1

Gábor Gerhes: Z or a country

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In November 2010, a state security report was made public, one of its appendices listin the addresses of so-called "operative flats" used by the secret police.

Today the address lit is available to all, but behind which doors in which stairway or corridor the secret meetings took plae remians hidden in the murky shadows of past decades.
Based on the above information, Gábor Gerhes perambulated Budapest in January- February 2012 as a conscious flaneur. He returned to the "scenes of crime", documenting the facades of unknown blocks of houses where once secret agents. spies and informers used to meet.

Language: English