Article Number: 12389
Soft Cover, German / English, Staple Binding, 24 Pages, 2022, Schlebrügge.Editor
Christian Azzouni, Melanie Moser, Ophelia Pauline Reuter

Lumen Zine

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In our daily lives, folds, creases, and wrinkles belong to the realm of aging processes or are the unwanted result of carelessly handled pieces of fabric or paper.

In the arts, we’ve seen folds in the drapery of lush garments and the creases of (table) cloths. Those who have stood before Titian’s "Supper at Emmaus" have undoubtedly marveled at the attention that went into such a banal object and the realism with which the bends, changes of direction, and the channels’ shadows are depicted. (Ruth Horak)

In its capacity as a micromuseum, MuseumQuartier Vienna’s Sternenpassage highlights artists whose work broadly relates to photography. Artists are commissioned to create pieces specially for the passage. Each resulting series is presented across four illuminated circular display cases mounted on the walls, and accompanied by astrophotography. Lumen Zine is a miniature catalogue supplementing exhibitions at Sternenpassage.