Article Number: 12537
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 3 Pages, 2016, possible books
Matthias Hübner

L'Uso Di Libri – The Use of Books

€ 25.00

You ever read the back of a book and blah blah blah words and more words, and function. Poets depend on the emotional character of words. Manuals depend on the instructiveness of words. Yet words can be pronounced backwards or cut up and given new meaning, they can be looked at for their mathematical value, pondered over how they change in translation or seen as hiding messages within them.

Therefore the various groupings of the same words can be made to perform completely different tasks. Shouldn’t this be in italian? This book is not about words. Words can’t describe what is going on in this book. Not all books are holy. Some fill holes. Some bridge gaps, some balance objects, hide things, make good kindling. Dear Sir/Madam, words fail me. If we were closer I would take you by the hand and show you what we could do. There are different ways to use the world. There are different ways to use the word.

Thanks to Stefano S. Antonelli, Helene Hellmich, Francesca Mezzano, Natalie Reed, Sandra & Eugenio Sidoli & NovYork