Article Number: 2667
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 248 Pages, 2010,
Sabine Maier, Michael Mastrototaro


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MACHFELD is an entity that practices media art and is defined conceptually. As such, it introduces autonomy into the art space and acts independently from its creators. Condition for the MACHFELD is the conceptual work of its operators (Sabine Maier and Michael Mastrototaro) which is obliged to the process-oriented interacitve systems in traditional art from which it has grown.

MACHFELD´s method as a synthetic being serves the development of a liberated concept of art and its representation in the media and in personal life. The advantages of media-related art concepts are their aptitude for easier perception and their facility for better general comprehension. MACHFELD is subject to the dependencies of the artists who work on it and therefore to permanent change. MACHFELD´s work of art situate themselves within the artists themselves and thus do not automatically lead to physical objects. Numerous works therefore exist solely in the subjective reality of those who are able to perceive them. Not always do they materialize as constructs in art space. Since art is a subjective statement and as a center holds the truth, astistic existence in communication space may oscillate.

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