Article Number: 6701
Hard Cover, German, Thread Stiching, 2014
Rafael Arocha


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„Medianoche refers to a border that confronts us with certain limits. A temporary space in which we can explore the relationship between instinct and desire, the behaviours that they give rise to and the manifestation of our fantasies of seduction. In this work the night leads us to an exercise that gives us the opportunity to show ourselves in a light less ordinary way. A kind of theatricality and liberation flow through us and release us to connect with each other in new ways. The bar, the club... become a stage for our performance: a space for exploration where we can approach our secret desires. Medianoche gathers the work that Rafael Arocha carried out for several years but it shown here as if all happened in a single night. A work that doesn't have an specific documentary aspiration but aims to recreate the observation state induced by our desire to approach the other. “