Article Number: 5296
English, 10 Pages, 2000
Jonathan Monk

Meeting #13

availability unknown, if interested please write an email

Meeting #13 is one in a series of text works by Jonathan Monk. In this series, the artist attempts to organise meetings somewhere in the world.

We are given the details of a meeting − the place, date and time, nothing more. This basic principle and structure always remains the same throughout the series. The invitation to meet is potentially open to an audience of 10,000 (the edition), more like a rally or demo than a brief encounter. What will happen? Who will be there?

Meeting #13 fits into the wider context of Jonathan Monk’s work; within the gallery space he paints directly onto the wall and the idea is to meet the buyer of the work. The reception of the work will change at the very moment of the meeting (anticipation giving way to memory and nostalgia).

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