Article Number: 12346
Hard Cover, German / English / French, Thread Stitching, 94 Pages, 2011
Stephane Couturier, Martin Hochleitner, Damien Sausset

Melting Point (Continued): Stéphane Couturier

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An extensive monograph/exhibition catalog on Stephane Couturier, who is undeniably one of the most important French contemporary photographers, an influential presence on the international exhibition scene since the mid-1990s with his large-format, brilliantly elaborated photographic tableaux.

His architecture photographs - inspired in particular by the aesthetics of Le Corbusier - and his cityscapes are the result of a special image construction that uses the media properties and possibilities of photography and film to create transitory states between documentation and fiction. Couturier asks engrossing questions about the nature of modernity. Images selected from series including Brasilia, Barcelone, Chandigarh, Couvent La Tourette, Itamarati and La Havane. Also includes documentation of the intense new multipart videos Brasilia and Seoul. Essay by Martin Hochleitner and Damien Sausset.