Article Number: 4453
Magazine, Dutch, Glue Binding, 114 Pages, 2012
Stichting Metropolis M

Metropolis M: Galeries Handel of Idealisme

No. 5 2012

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Die 5. Ausgabe 2012 von Metropolis M, dem Magazin für Gegenwartskunst.

In this issue: Feautures on

David Maljkovic

Interview with Julika Rudelius

Powerhouse e-flux

Letter to Jonathas de Andrade

10 Suggestions for Anti-Capitalist Literature

Paul Chan on Badlands Unlimited


Pioneers of the Art Market

A Portrait of Jan Mot

Open House at Nighttime

PLUS (only in Dutch): INexactly THIS/Festival of Independents; scouting Thomas Raat, Eric Sidner, Esmé Valk; and reviews from Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Mechelen, Donetsk (Ukraine), New York, Frankfurt

Language: Dutch/English