Article Number: 2980
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 10 Pages, 2011, Harpune Verlag
Constantin Luser

Moby Dick filet No.21

Going aboard
€ 12.00

"Avast!" cried a voice, whose owner at the same time coming close behind us, laid a hand upon both our shoulders, and then insinuating himself between us, stood stooping forward a little, in the uncertain twilight, strangely peering from Queequeg to me. It was Elijah. "Going aboard?" (Beginning of chapter 21)

Beginning autumn 2011, Harpune Books Vienna will publish Herman Melville's masterpiece about the Great White Whale and his relentless pursuer Captain Ahab as a serial in 137 chapters. To do justice to the book's many voices, each chapter will be illustrated by a different artist and each limited edition issue of 460 copies will be published in non-chronological order at the rate of one chapter per month