Article Number: 12275
Soft Cover, German / English, Thread Stitching, 96 Pages, 2022, Salon für Kunstbuch
Samuel Schaab, Karolina Preuschl, Ferdinand Schmalz


Samuel Schaab
€ 20.00

The monograph “Modifications” is an associative book about the works of Samuel Schaab from the last years. Published by Salon für Kunstbuch. With texts by Karolina Preuschl, Ferdinand Schmalz, and Samuel Schaab. Designed by Anna Liska.

Die Monografie “Modifications” ist ein ein assoziatives Buch über die Arbeiten von Samuel Schaab aus den letzten Jahren. Erschienen beim Verlag Salon für Kunstbuch. Mit Texten von Karolina Preuschl, Ferdinand Schmalz und Samuel Schaab. Gestaltet von Anna Liska.

Their mere presence causes a fog of quiet anomalies to settle around every form in the room. Even if no intended use has been specified, or even an incorrect one, everything still has a purpose. The nagging feeling that you have to sneeze is provoked by possibility. Clarity and obscurity are borne on legs that are planning something unexpected. Use and wear end up in a queasy stomach. They lie there like stones, revealing fractures both rough and polished. The structure of the whole is recognizable and inscribes itself in the tales told by a furrowed countenance. The pineapple smokes too much. The popcorn flies on an accurate trajectory in no particular direction. Randomness chooses carefully.
(Karolina Preuschl)