Article Number: 1436
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 56 Pages, 2007, Jan van Eyck Academie
Kasper Andreasen

moment`s notice

€ 10.00

Moment’s notice by Kasper Andreasen (researcher Design 2003–2005) is about recording lived space and thinking space, about rooting and routing and finding ‘enspacement’ through writing.

Andreasen perceives lived space, along with the memory of lived space, from a contemplative and distanced position. The fragments and phrases he puts down are perfect instances of writing the self through looking back, through translating experiences and bearing them across borders and limits. The words, in their turn, provoke mental and physical wandering.
This artist’s book presents the reader with a narrative of memory in which the artist has drawn a sense of self, his being in the world. The map that unfolds is ambiguous in nature: it is seal of coherence, fullness, presence, but also takes stock of interruptions, of wanderings, of being uprooted, disoriented.
The typographic poems in this book are cartographic devices, but also embedded and embodied abstractions that are triggered by desire – ‘I need a map to tell me where my heart should go’. Desire propels thinking, but the nature of desire remains itself ungraspable. Andreasen scans and screens, but realizes that he can only know what has ceased to be. This book, then, records a process of unfolding and becoming. Every story in this narrative is a portrait of restoration whose traces reach back, across and through lives and weave a tissue of past-present-future.