Article Number: 2821
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 40 Pages, 2010, Mono.Kultur
Joel Alas, Urs Bellermann, Elodie Evers

Mono.Kultur #23

Sissel Tolass : Life is Everywhere
€ 10.00

This issue was a long process, so we are particularly proud to announce mono.kultur #23 featuring Norwegian scientist and artist Sissel Tolaas who has dedicated her life and work to the world of smells.

Mono.Kultur #23 contains no visual imagery but clears the page for our most primary sense: the magazine will be impregnated with 12 scents curated by Sissel Tolaas. And we’re not talking about perfumes either, but what Tolaas would coin ‘difficult smells’. With a special technique called microencapsulation, the scents are literally printed into the magazine – you rub the paper to release them…

Language: English