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Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 2012, Mono.Kultur

mono.kultur #31: Michael Borremans

shades of doubt

Michaël Borremans is an artist who is extremely focused, concentrated and refreshingly serious about what he does, with a very consistent vision that’s been apparent throughout all of his work from the mid-90s until today.

Self-taught – although he calls Baroque portrait master Diego Velázquez his teacher – he keeps returning to the human figure and the sometimes unbearable weight attached to human existence: the fears, the flaws, the futility, the terror, the turmoil, and the tragedy. Luckily, all of this weight is ultimately counterbalanced by a heavy, bittersweet chuckle and a thick puff of smoke – and when it lifts, this cloud of smoke, Borremans is already gone, off to create the next set of illusions, in his free hand, ideally, a glass of champagne.

Language: English