Article Number: 8359
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 238 Pages, 2015
Daria Kiseleva

Mooning, sun in Spain, cars, disaster, car accident, battle of titans, I am not a criminal, my father doesn't speak a word in English

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8 Interlocutors. 8 Strangers. 8 Conversations. 8 Days. 10 Countries. 2697 km from Arnhem to Venice (through Belgium, Luxenbourg, France, Andorra, Monaco). 1310 km from Venice to Arnhem (through Switzerland, Germany). 4007 km Total distance.

This book is based on conversations carried out by a group of eight people with different backgrounds while driving from Arnhem, the Netherlands, to Venice, Italy. The conversations were initiated and conducted to observe the evolution of a narrative through time and space, according to given conditions and random factors. As a starting point, a set of instructions were applied for the experiment - to have a short conversation everyday while driving, during the stops, at gas stations, in cafes, on the street, random passers-by were asked to share their association with the word we finished our last conversation on. This became a starting point for the next discussion, creating an unexpected turn in the evolution of the dialogue.

Having originated from the context and conditions of a road trip, the form of the transcript is treated as a narrative. The intention is to test the boundaries of language, and to foreground the peculiarities of communication through observations and perception of the participants.

Language: English