Article Number: 7408
Soft Cover, English, 1 Pages, 2015, AKV Berlin
Max Stocklosa

More World Material

€ 10.00

This project sets in with the ability of the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, which produces simulations (e.g. a painting of a tunnel on a wall which can be entered) that are able to determine reality and the perception of physical space and matter itself.

Based on this narrative, Stocklosa explores the aesthetics and moods of the virtual that is nowadays produced under the conditions of technical performativity.

What can be found at the ground surface of simulative gestures? The dark side of the picture, its underside or backside... wont reveal itself, even though it is inseperable from the image. It can't be peeled away. (borrowing from Jean-Luc Nancy)“More World Material: Coyote” grapples with this in-between space that builds the membrane; the gap between the physical and nonphysical world, between the human and nonhuman spheres, which can potentially be accessed and sensed, by creating a "1 to 1 map of the world", an all encompassing simulation: a parallel universe. Language: English