Article Number: 6568
Hard Cover, English, 176 Pages, 2014, Josh Müller
Josh Müller, Nik Thoenen

Müller Josh 1 - 5

€ 57.60

Müller Josh 1–5 (2014) is a self-published artist's book developed collaboratively by artist Josh Müller (DE/AT) and typographer Nik Thoenen (CH/AT).

The project contains documentary material from five individual bodies of work, however without providing an overview — nor a review — of Müller's artwork. While two of the five slim volumes expand on or parallel to already existing works the other three elaborate on non-shown long-term documentary and archival projects from 2001-2013. As a whole, the book engages with the generation of narrative. Far from being a linear reproduction of existing works, the publication demands montaging as an unbound collage of the literary and the visual, enhancing the experiences of cross- and close reading.

Essays by Roland Graffé, Lina Morawetz, Gaëlle Obiégly and Axel Stockburger. Printed in an edition of 300 + 50 on Munken paper 70g/m2, perforated and boxed. The fonts Korpus and Areal BL were created by Niklaus Thoenen and Michael Mischler (Binnenland).

Five-part Artist's Book: Camouflages / The Non–Titled Files / la construction du ciel / jetzt gleich — soon now / A Face that Turns its Face Away

Language: English