Article Number: 3013
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 100 Pages, 2009, Revolver Publishing by VVV
Tamara Soban

Muzej na cesti / Museum in the Streets

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37 projects by Slovenian and foreign artists in various public spaces in Ljubljana. Engl./Slovenian

The Museum in the Streets project presented the specific features of Ljubljana from a different angle by redefining the concept of art in public spaces. The phenomenon of art interventions in public spaces, first introduced in Slovenia by the artists’ collective OHO in the 1960s, still remains to be researched using contemporary methodology, and critically reflected on.

The Museum in the Streets project attempted to do this by focusing on the representations of the city, urban identity, explorations / mappings of the city, interventions in the city, and urban visions. With the new global order and the subsequent different conceptualization of space, public space has literally disappeared.

Jürgen Habermas’ idea of the public sphere as that segment of social life where public opinion is formulated is thus rendered obsolete. Today, public spaces are controlled and programmed, they are shrinking and disappearing. We are faced with a new spatiality, which cannot be categorized in such an orderly way as before. There is no longer a single public space; now it is divided into spaces of various identities that are not based only on positivism, but include also a negative component.