Article Number: 10703
Book with medium, English, No Binding, 4 Pages, 2015
Phil Collins

My Heart's In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand's In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught

Double Color Vinyl LP + Booklet

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A sound installation and collaborative project with a survival station for the homeless in Cologne by english artist Phil Collins.

In 2013 at the Gulliver help for the homeless center in Cologne, English artist and musician Phil Collins installed a phone booth with a free line that anyone could use for unlimited local and international calls on the agreement that the conversations would be recorded and anonymised. The selected material was posted to a group of international musicians serving as the starting point for original new songs. Having worked for a homeless magazine in the 1990's, Collins has a long-standing interest in issues relating to these communities. Bringing to the fore the lyrical and narrative potential of the human voice when it stands in for those subjects of city life who are purposefully ignored and routinely overlooked, he dramatises the moment of communication as an emotional and ambivalent exchange. Phil Collins (born 1970, Runcorn, England) lives in Berlin and Cologne, where he is Professor of Video Art at the Academy of Media Arts. Since the late 1990s, Phil Collins' diverse practice has addressed the act of image-making, examining how we participate in and understand culture through the camera's lens. Characteristic of the artist's approach is a close engagement with place and communities. Limited release version with red & green colored vinyl + 32 page booklet with texts and photographs. Language: English