Article Number: 12373
Soft Cover, German / English, Thread Stitching, 124 Pages, 2022, VFMK

Natasza Niedziółka

€ 33.00

Natasza Niedziółka’s fascinating works move along the interface between painting, drawing, and textile art. The canvas constitutes the carrier for her abstract, haptic embroideries.

By making use of the material in a repetitive manner, the Polish artist residing in Berlin brings a lightness and a meditative gesture to her formally vigorous and sensual works, which call to mind Marcia Hafif or Agnes Martin. The catalogue brings together four work groups which were created in recent years and whose impressive, detailed photographs bring to light Niedziółka’s work process and convey the experience of an aesthetic that is characteristic of her works.

Niedziółka regards the work on her pictorial surfaces as a productive and challenging task in which the time spent working is inscribed on and preserved in the work itself as remembered time. Stitching functions as an event-like process, and the textile quality of the finished product is also understood not as an object, but as an event that is reactivated within the seeing beholder time and again. (Vanessa Joan Müller)