Article Number: 1746
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 208 Pages, 2005, Roma Publications
Ann Demeester

Nicolas Floc`h

In other Words

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"Consistent and consequent in content and idea development yet multifarious and irregular in shape and form, there is no better and more succinct way to describe the work of Nicolas Floc`h. far from being a one-trick pony Floc`h explores many pathways to achieve teh goal he has set out for himself. He combines his fascination for the natural processes of growing and development with a keen interest in the processes of production, distribution / circulation and consumption of fashion and design." (Ann Demeester)

Texts in Englisch und Französisch : Ann Demeester, Léa Gauthier, Pierre Giquel, Emmanuelle Huynh, Philippe Van Cauteren, Nicolas Floc'h.