Article Number: 12277
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 130 Pages, 2022
Emma Cocker, Tracy Mackenna, Andrew Brown, Steve Dutton, Katje Hock, Danica Maier, Andy Papper, Elle Reynolds, Derek Sprawson

No Telos!

€ 28.00

No Telos is a collaborative artistic research project for exploring the critical role of uncertainty, disorientation, not knowing and open-ended activity within creative practice and during uncertain times. The project considers different tactics for resisting the increasingly outcome-motivated or achievement-oriented tendencies of

contemporary culture, by shifting emphasis from a mode of telos-or goal-driven productivity towards experimental forms of process-led exploration, subversive playfulness and wilful irresolution. No Telos was conceived as a counter-measure to the ubiquitous demands to do more and more — faster and faster.
This artist's book comprises a series of 'scores' drawing on exercises and practices first developed and tested in Venice. The city is is approached as a live laboratory for artistic research.

This highly tactile edition is printed with multiple special features including a screen printed cover, multiple speciality papers, french folds, Risograph printed sections and removable inserts.