Article Number: 8575
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 60 Pages, 2006
Susanne Kriemann

Not Quite Replica


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In Not Quite Replica: Meteorite (2004/2005), Kriemann delves into the public archive around the Willamette meteorite.

Kriemann intervenes into the history of the meteor by juxtaposing her own research process through found press excerpts and images dating back to the late nineteenth century along with the process of her refabrication of the meteor in China. The meteor’s own story is told through this array of documentation, through its recorded intersections with various communities and individuals over time, Kriemann herself included. However, as Kriemann peels back the layers of history it is in these very fragments and the seemingly endless potential for more to come that her artwork and artist book take form.

Languages: English, Dutch