Article Number: 2376
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 68 Pages, 2003, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Lucy McKenzie, Paulina Olowska

Nova Popularna

"The salon is a place with a natural flow of ideas or thoughts, which is easy to romanticize when you see documentation of the Cabaret Voltaire or Cricot in Krakow.

The idea with Nova Popularna was to create a space designed by artists for artists, friends and passers-by. Feeling dissatisfied with other clubs and bars in Warsaw, it was important to imagine an alternative that wasn't built on generic ideas of how a club should be.
The idea of the artists' salon is maybe passe, but when thinking of Montmartre bohemia meetings, creative cabaret or music bands like those at Bauhaus, it was really tempting to create a contemporary version of it." (Paulina Olowska)