Article Number: 9733
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 224 Pages, 2016
Eduardo Navarro


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OCTOPIA, a project created for the Museo Tamayo, is the result of an investigation of the octopus, an animal whose intelligence derives from a complex nervous system that extends through its tentacles.

For this project, Navarro has gathered 80 participants, including choreographers, dancers, and amateurs with the intention of generating a structure that is similar to an octopus, with a head that is operated by eight people and nine more participants extend throughout each tentacle. By gathering these groups of people the aim is to achieve a collective transformation in order to temporarily take the state of this animal, through an exploration of movement and corporal sensitivity.

Furthermore, OCTOPIA is a system of thought for an octopus which in a sculpture manner, occupies the museum; it is active inside and outside the building, through scheduled presentations. The activations, besides being a study on expression which omits speech as the primary mode of interaction, provides participants an integral communication experience that, by means of the cancellation of individuality and a particular research on sociomotricity, arrives at a new configuration for interacting with the world.

Language: English / Spanish