Article Number: 11856
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 2019, Triton Verlag
Nabila Zein

On Lebanese Vegan Scapes

€ 35.00

In this volume the reader is introduced to the Lebanese-inspired vegan fusion cuisine of artist and food designer Nabila Zein, who arranged vegan dishes and table compositions as miniatures of the oriental places they are related to, in their way of preparation and presentation.

The table or dish landscapes in this present publication are the visually formed interpretation and expression of the culinary experience. There is a whole palette of various cultural sediments that resonate in our contemplation of such miniatures. These compositions – merging East Asian food ingredients, like soya, with typical Lebanese ones – emerge from natural landscapes and metamorphose, on the table, into a complex range of sensitive tensions and interactions between interior and exterior worlds.

Languages: English, French