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Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 28 Pages, 2019
Yoshie Itasaka

One Person's Utopia is Another's Dystopia

Journey through the Land of Israel-Palestine

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"Every constructed reality is a myth, and the more people carry it on, the more real it becomes. Until you manage to look behind the surface."

All current problems stem from past history. The recognition of facts may be disorderly due to differences in the historical perceptions of each country, historical revisions during each era, conflicts within each era and the communication of personal memories (histories) by immigrants (personal experiences) during war. Differences in terms of perceptions of morality may occur according to differences in religious and ethnic views. We must constantly recognise each change in era. (shifts in the beliefs of the country due to government changes, changes in world affairs). There are still conflicting world views, beliefs and religions in this world.

-Is it possible to have a utopia in which everyone’s ideals are realised?-

Our generation will have to rethink the true history and move on from the past.

Yoshie Itasaka, born in Osaka in 1984, started the nomadic journey in 2010. From 2010-2013 she traveled North America, from 2013-2018 around Europe (including the former Soviet countries, former Yugoslavia), Russia, Israel.

Language: English