Article Number: 2789
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 64 Pages, 2006,
René Daniels

Onvermijdelijke Aantekeningen, Papierplezier, De Dichter Bij De Waarheid

René Daniels' work often focuses on the interface between seeing and thinking. Between what you perceive and what you think. He plays an amusing game with the seductive power of the image and the meanings our culture assigns to it. (Engl./Dutch)

The surprising, multi-layered quality of Daniels' work frequently leads to comparisons with magic. But surely the point should never be to explain someone's best tricks? That simply spoils your enjoyment of the show. No, the mystery of art must remain intact. You see a nobleman and you think of a bunker. You see two i's in the rain and think of the lonely tears of the Muse. Only one thing is certain: you enter a world that is not your own, but where you are nonetheless made welcome.

(Pam Emmerik "Dancing With Octopuses")