Article Number: 8647
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 124 Pages, 2016, RIAT
Andrew Newman, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Sophie-Carolin Wagner


Conversations on Open Hardware
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This book contains perspectives of key practitioners and theoreticians in area of open hardware.

The interviews and texts published in this book have been produced as part of the first Open Hardware Europe Summit in Vienna, 2016, a critical symposium to debate to cultural, political and societal relevance of open hardware and maker culture and their pertinence for science, education and art.Information and Network technologies prevail Western everyday life.Their usage has to some degree become a premise for social participation, frequently applying to both personal and professional engagements. The required technological skillfulness to enable this form of participation is again subject to almost every sphere of life, whether it is educational, professional, social or personal.

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