Article Number: 604
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 32 Pages, 2004, episode publishers
Nasrin Tabatabai, Babak Afrassiabi

pages 2 Play and Locations



Pages is a bilingual, Farsi and English, magazine with the aim to function as a platform for exchange, dialogues and projects, a place for collaboration between artists/writers from Iran and elsewhere. The magazine’s interest lies more in the socio-political flows within spaces of urban and everyday life.
The diversity of contributions expand and even transgress the geographically bound subjects and subjectivities, as they often develop, return, change and interact with one another from one issue of Pages to the other. We may emphasize on localities, and it is, we believe, the intricacy and dissonances within local currents that give way to chains of meanings, relations, differences and exchange.

Pages is a project initiated by Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi, both artists living and working in Rotterdam/the Netherlands. The magazine is designed by Lust, The Hague.

Pages 2, Play & Locations, has been published in May 2004 by the ‘Kunsten Festival Des Arts’ in Brussels, Belgium. This issue reflects on idea of locality and relocation, in terms of changes and replacements within the urban lives and infrastructures. This issue involves contribution of Iranian as well as non-Iranian artists. The contributions are, among others, from Steve McQueen (British video artist living in Amsterdam), Rabih Mrouhe (performance artist living in Beirut), Arash Mazaffari (architect living in Tehran).