Article Number: 4355
Magazine, German, Staple Binding, 27 Pages, 2012, Eigen
Josefin Granqvist, Andreas Karl, Myriam Khouri, Marie Letkowski, Georg Oberhumer, Andrej Polukord, Stefanie Sargnagel, Astrid K. Wagner, Matthias Widder, Catharina Wronn, Anastasiya Yarovenko

Panel #5

availability unknown, if interested please write an email

PANEL is an artist magazine from Vienna. Each issue forms around the idea of finding a common theme, a red line, a form of serendipity, without revolving around a "topic". See it as a group exhibition on paper.

We invite artists who we think would fit to send us contributions. New releases are published about three times per year, comprising 10-15 works, in an edition of 100 copies. Each issue is presented at a release party in an exhibition space.

Language: English