Article Number: 9831
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 64 Pages, 2016, Endre Aalrust
Endre Aalrust

Paranoid Poems

€ 19.80

This book is a coy black box, disclosing two distinctive layers of work: records of Endre Aalrust’s extensive non-painter painting practice juxtaposed with short, erratic notes documenting casual incidents.

The paintings printed on 150 g/m² semimatt paper are set corresponding to their rigid concept and production process. The nightly notes on the nearly transparent, bright and delicate 40 g/m² paper that one hardly dares to touch, interrupt, overlay and bypass this succession of images and accordingly appear outside the pagination. These completely unrevised texts are layouted in order to take up all the presence flashes of forgotten and supressed memories demand for themselves — as if popping up again in a window of the basic text editor they were written in. A photo insert on the same paper additionally connects text and visual layer, and refers to the conceptual framework of Endre Aalrust’s pratice beyond »Paranoid Poems«. Language: English