Article Number: 10598
English, 8 Pages, 2009, Mousse Publishing
John Miller

Peep-Hole Sheet


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Since 1977 John Miller has been working extensively as artist, critic and writer finding himself in a “singular position of an artist involved in both his own and other artists’ work.” Peep-Hole Sheet #02 comes out in conjunction with the opening of Miller’s solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich, giving evidence to the coexistence of a parallel and coherent artistic and critical activity.

The Ruin of Exchange, the purposely-made contribution for this second issue of Peep-Hole Sheet, is a high and significant example of this last practice. Here we stop. We let the readers going over the text without adding more words, mirroring the author’s desire: “I’d like people to encounter my writing on an ‘as is’ basis.”

Language: English/Italian