Article Number: 10763
Magazine, English, Glue Binding, 150 Pages, 2016
Amelia Jones

Performance Research - Volume 21 / No. 5 / October 2016

On Trans/Performance

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In the special issue authors address a range of intersections between trans- (implying exceeding, moving towards, changing; going across, over or beyond) and the performative (saying as doing, or that which performs something while articulating it).

The trans- implies movement and fluidity while the performative implies action and opens up questions of agency; together, they point to innovative ways of thinking about topical questions such as how we live and take action, how we identify ourselves and others, how we write history, and how we approach local versus global tensions and intersections. In this issue articles and thought pieces, as well as artists’ projects attending to the interrelation between trans- concepts and performativity, allow for the emergence of new insights regarding how performance theory works across fields such as language (translation), history (transformation or change), gender/sexuality (transgender and transsexuality or transidentification), and culture (transnational). Language: English