Article Number: 2737
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 304 Pages, 2006, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Marius Babias, Angelika Nollert

Periferic 7

Focussing Iasi / Social Processes
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For "Social Processes" a total of eleven artists and artists' groups have been invited to explore the social, cultural, and sociopolitical facets of Iasi on site. "Social Processes" is made up of three elements: a dialogic situation during the run-up, the exhibition, and a publication conceived of as a sourcebook.

Entitled "Focussing Iasi", the biennial is dedicated to the historical, sociopolitical, and cultural context of the City of Iasi, which upon Romania's entry to the EU in 2007 will constitute the Union's easternmost point and occupy a geographical position as a cultural gateway. "Periferic 7" consists of three separate sections: "Social Processes", "Strategies of Learning", and "Why Children?". "Social Processes", a cooperation between the Vector Association and Siemens Arts Program, is concerned with the structures and conditions in the City of Iasi as they relate to its history and the European question. In the current post-communist era, Iasi is undergoing a process of transformation and being given a new political and cultural positioning.