Article Number: 10719
Book with medium, German, Staple Binding, 40 Pages, 2016, Annette le Fort
Annette le Fort

Phonetik Skin. A Library of Voices

Errant Bodies Records #09
€ 18.00

A kind of experimental set-up: a table and two hands which, one after the other, hold various books, open them and then, during an imaginary process of reading, rub two pages together.

This gives rise to sounds with a phonetic quality; the paper speaks. And just as the human voice carries within it traces of the body that produces it and these also “speak”, as it were, so too the different book-bodies here develop voices which are influenced by their respective materiality, paper, binding, etc. The sound of 38 books taken from the video Phonetic Skin (2009), are presented on this cd as an acoustical archive. The work deals with the process of reading and in doing so poetically interlinks the materiality and corporeality of voice and writing.

Language: English/ German