Article Number: 6612
Hard Cover, English, Glue Binding, 98 Pages, 2014, Claudia Rohrauer
Claudia Rohrauer

Photo trekking

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"As an artist who is researching photography and photographing research, I am interested in photography as a tool of knowledge production and in the aesthetics of scientific imagery.

By availing myself of these rather sober image language and aesthetics, I try to provoke, to emphasize and to integrate their potential rate of error in my working process in order to turn these errors into a poetical moment which eludes itself of any proof of evidence that would be usually associated with scientific imagery. A theme that constantly (re-)appears in this relation is the manifold connections and interferences between men and nature, nature as a constructed term, as an abstract thought and as a reality, as the thing we don't understand and try to grasp by intelligence." Claudia Rohrauer

Language: english