Article Number: 4034
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 104 Pages, 2010, Revolver Publishing by VVV
Can Altay

Pigeons are people

€ 15.90

Can Altay is known for his creative experiments that are built around the concept of space and scale in ways that are not commonly explored in the Turkish art scene. Along with his internationally acknowledged works on the “minibar” phenomena and Turkey's urban paper gatherers, this publication includes works that question the nature of art galleries and the place of art in city life (english/turkish)

Altay explores our relationships with places and changing locations, mobile elements of a city that were never predicted by planning, and alternative experiences that can be manifested within the urban sphere. Just as he pays attention to alternative, collective social productions that reshape our cities, Altay also looks for art in the public environment. In many cases, he gives back to us that which is already there, but attempts to expand the limits of our understanding by introducing additional research on society's perception of what at first glance may appear to be mundane or simple improvisational activities. Maintaining a firm grip on irony, his art and this book develop spaces for us to debate how we look, comprehend and explore our environment, and more often than not he also shows us how quickly we chose to ignore some of the most intriguing happenings that occur every day on our own doorsteps.