Article Number: 688
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 1999, Salon Verlag
Stephan Baumkötter


Mit einem Text von Jens Peter Koerver

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Mit einem Text von Jens Peter Koerver

From eight original lithographs assembled to form a leporello of nearly ten feet in length, Stephan Baumkötter's art book "Plissee" displays a panorama which shows that what is supposed to be similar is in fact different, transformed and not repeatable: eight images in which transparent brightness, appearance and disappearance, the visible and the merely suspected are brought into an awkward state of tension. The artist developed his own lithographic method that makes it possible for the printer Urban Stoob in St. Gallen to produce extraordinarily finely nuanced prints. He was thus able to create a graphic equivalent of his irreproducible paintings. Like all of Stephan Baumkötter's work, "Plissee" is devoted to an exacting "seeing vision" of the image. The obstinacy of vision and the impossibility to capture that which is seen with language are taken up in a narrative fashion by the text, which is enclosed separately: "Dispersion" by Jens Peter Koerver.
32 pages-leporello with 8 original full-page lithographs, text by Jens Peter Koerver.

Edition: 100 numbered and signed copies, in a slip case