Article Number: 231
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 28 Pages, 2007
Strategies International



Physical Product: Plunder is a book of words and images created in a limited edition of 25. All illustrations are handcolored, all covers are handscreened, and copies are handbound. It is a good and solid item.

Thought Product included with Physical Product: The main concern of Plunder is production, in two different manners. 1) All words and images in this book began life secondhand. Using a variety of sources--detective novels, children's encyclopedias, nonsense histories, etc--we took these used and discarded contents and melted, reshaped, and repurposed them to form this new product where the New and the Used, the Personal and the Anonymous inform each other. 2) The limitations of the work's vocabulary put a new emphasis on the production of meaning. Rather than a work of individual parts, Plunder is conceived as a whole, where the meaning of the words and images is generated by their repetition and recontextualization. This is true of both the words and images. They are designed to supplement each other--not to be images illustrating words or words describing images--in order to create a single work whose momentum is found in these shifts of content and tone. The parts create nothing, it is the whole work that reclaims each bit from its status as a secondhand placeholder.